SITTING on the fence causes one major problem. At some time, you have to get off it.

That’s the Labour Party’s problem at the moment.

Their choice to treat Brexit as a Party-Political issue instead of an issue decided by the public in June 2016 has left them now deciding which side to jump down on.

Either way they lose voters. And, if they choose the Remain side, they are favouring the minority vote and will continue to support a losing cause.

At the same time any such decision will place those individual Labour MP’s who don’t favour a second referendum, which my MP Helen Goodman told me she didn’t support, in between a rock and a hard place.

The By-election on June 6 in Peterborough may well be a defining moment when the true strength of the public supporting the Brexit Party really hits home.

Getting the first Brexit Party MP will be a fantastic achievement for Nigel Farage and everyone who supports democracy.

Even the Northern Echo must be realising the strength of feeling when HAS on June 1 featured 6 pro-Brexit letters against poor old Alan Jordan’s Remain rant. Come on Alan and start and see beyond your nose end.

People who support democracy and our sovereignty are pretty much sick and tired of the rabble that are camped in Westminster at present and we will clear this swamp of wimps who said all the right words after the referendum but failed to deliver the action to support what they said.

Politics in Britain is changing, and the two-party system is creaking at the seams.

Politicians trying to protect their party rather than act for the people who voted them in.

Both Tory and Labour are split but at least the Tory split is clearly visible.

Labour have no such clear dividing line as they are hanging onto the fence wondering which way they will fall supporting the Party Line.

How sad is it that grown adults, elected to serve, show more loyalty to a small group rather than to the massed numbers who actually voted them in.

Have they no minds of their own? I think not and that is why Helen Goodman, Phil Wilson, Bridget Phillipson and Jenny Chapman, amongst many others, need to look and see what happens in Peterborough on Thursday.

It isn’t too late to say to Corbyn and his Momentum bullies “we are going to do the right thing and get Brexit over the line”.

Dare we hope that they get the message or are they too thick to see what is around the corner.

Bill Fisher, Spennymoor.