TO avoid any confusion, I should explain that the first sentence of my previous letter (HAS, May 25) should have begun:

"Much as Nigel Farage would like to pretend otherwise, the European elections were NOT another Brexit referendum." The vital word "not" was omitted.

I would like to congratulate Jude Kirton-Darling on her re-election as one of our MEPs for the North-East.

I have no doubt she will continue her excellent work in the European Parliament on our behalf.

I have no such confidence in the other two MEPs, from the Brexit Party.

It is surely the height of political cynicism to stand for election to the European Parliament with the sole purpose of undermining it from within.

It is the democratic duty of MEPs to represent all of their constituents, and to take their views into account, regardless of how they voted, and whether or not they are in favour of leaving the EU.

Pete Winstanley, Durham