ONCE again the media and political elite can’t just accept that the general public want to leave the EU.

Phil Wilson, MP for Sedgefield, suggests that leave actually lost the European elections by highlighting the results of the Liberal Democrats and Greens (Echo, May 29).

At the last election, Labour's manifesto said they were a leave party, and that's what Mr Wilson fought for.

So, given that the Tory party is also a leave party, then the 35 per cent vote to the Brexit Party and Ukip added to the 20 per cent plus vote for the two “big” parties of Conservative and Labour then the clear winner is the leave vote.

Unfortunately, Mr Wilson and his fellow North-East MPs Helen Goodman, Bridget Phillipson and Jenny Chapman are caught in the trap of thinking that all Labour voters still wear the flat cloth cap and vote as their parents always did.

Well, times have changed, and the Labour Party is not what it was and doesn’t represent the North as it once did.

I worked in the same establishment as Mr Wilson before he became a researcher for Tony Blair and Phil is no “earth mover”. He is not blessed with great insight into how the future might look. He is just like the rest of us – average human beings making a living. The other MPs mentioned above fall into the same category.

The debate about Brexit took place before the referendum and should have finished there.

Getting out with a deal would, clearly, satisfy more but it has to be a deal better than that negotiated by Theresa May and her advisor Olly Robbins.

But if we can’t do that then we must leave without a deal.

Revoking Article 50 is not an option as leave voters, still in the majority, just would not accept that un-democratic option.

Labour MPs are causing the blockage in Parliament and must change their attitude to leaving the EU.

Bill Fisher, Spennymoor