THE Brexit Party has campaigned for “democracy”, but without a manifesto: it seems it is all about having a blind faith in the great leader.

But what does Nigel Farage want?

In 2016, when he thought Remain would win, he asked for a second referendum: now he says that a second referendum would be undemocratic.

Before the referendum Farage had expressed support for a Norway-style Brexit, now he claims that only a no-deal Brexit is acceptable.

It seems that Farage is just terrified about the prospect of a referendum on a specific real Brexit proposal. Referendums should pit two detailed proposals and not a vague Brexit idea which, in 2016, appeared to promise anything to anybody but, in reality, could not be implemented.

It has been the division within Brexit MP ranks that has sunk Theresa May’s Brexit.

Farage’s modus operandi is a concern. The Brexit Party accepts anonymous donations of up to £499. Gordon Brown has said: “Democracy is undermined when we have undeclared, unreported, untraceable payments”.

Recently it has also emerged that Farage has received an undeclared personal donation of £450,000 from his friend Arron Banks. It seems to me that the main threat to democracy is actually Mr Farage.

Giuseppe Enrico Bignardi, Durham