CAN anyone deliver Brexit, or perhaps more importantly is it possible for any politician or party to bring about control in a very chaotic and potentially volatile environment?

Whatever the reason was for remaining or leaving, it now seems impossible to break the impasse.

We are a divided kingdom and the uncertainty is worrying. The fundamental domestic agenda – jobs, the NHS, education and public services – is ignored as the battle lines are drawn.

What began as a referendum is now a more toxic landscape, and the European elections have created anger, hatred and unnecessary negativity.

There is I feel a real danger that fear will be the winner and the momentum will produce our exit from Europe and insecurity will ensue.

Our industrial backdrop is changing dramatically, with the demise of British Steel and the massive loss of an experienced workforce. Another industry destroyed, alongside an ever decreasing retail and service sector. Where is the success of a Government that proclaims recovery and growth?

Such is the concentration of politicians with Brexit that there is the legitimate claim that politics is failing and among the public there is the tendency for unrest. Such a situation allows extreme nationalist politics to dominate and we know what this can ultimately lead to. I pray that I am wrong, but I fear that such a prospect is facing us.

Bernie Walsh, Coxhoe, Durham