ALAN JORDAN urges all Echo readers opposed to the Brexit Party to vote for the Liberal Democrats whatever our view on the party’s other policies (HAS, May 17).

I am opposed to the Brexit Party, however I shall certainly not vote in the manner Mr Jordan suggests.

It is ridiculous to overlook the LibDems’ other policies, because one should never vote in that way. Some people say about the EU “just get us out”, which is a view I am totally opposed to. However nearly as bad are those who say “just keep us in”, or ask for a People’s Vote without any other considerations.

We have the Brexit Party and Ukip which, given the chance, will take us out of the EU without a deal. We have the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party, and Change UK all of whom are pitching themselves as parties which are seeking a People’s Vote. I don’t want any of these five parties to have the opportunity to carry out their respective policies at the expense of important non-Brexit policies.

To me the policies that are being neglected by parties seeking to leave the EU or pursue a People’s Vote are very important. If a leave or remain party hasn’t any rational policies other than carrying out their wishes on Brexit, then that party has built its house from straw. The wolf will come, and blow the house down.

Other issues on the political agenda do matter, and it is on these that we should be voting. I am voting Labour on Thursday.

Jeremy Whiting, Great Lumley.