WHEN will those stupid idiots responsible for this embarrassing Eurovision Song Contest charade realise that it is futile to even consider entering.

About 159m people voted and we were last.

Those of you who watched it want your heads looking at, and the poor young Hartlepool lad who tried his utmost should be awarded a medal the size of a dustbin lid for being placed in the line of fire.

He said he feels proud but I wouldn't rush to put this on his CV.

Please, please, please give Eurovision up as a bad job. It used to be a bit of a tongue-in-cheek laugh but now it is like It's a Knockout – it's had its day and the joke is on us again.

John Cumberland, Rushyford

Wrong note

I THINK that the United Kingdom entry for Eurovision was very poor with our final score being below 20 and at the bottom of the leader board.

But I think our last place could be because we are leaving the European Union this year and that is reflected in the Eurovision vote.

It is a waste of money the United Kingdom entering the Eurovision song contest because we get so few votes.

FL Oram, Haswell, Durham