I WONDER if anyone else has noticed how our once second greatest institution next to the NHS, has gone downhill?

I refer to the Royal Mail. In our row of houses we do not seem to have a regular postman.

Someone who cared, kept an eye out for the older generation, someone you could depend on.

I have actually been told that our round is classed as a spare round and it is given to anyone who is spare or free after their regular work,

In the last two years I have had reason to complain four times of mail that I have not received, I have even visited the sorting office and put my complaints personally.

I have letters apologising and for a few weeks’ things get better, but then it goes haywire again.

I have had people bring mail to the house that has been delivered to theirs, and vice versa.

What happens to the mail that goes elsewhere, and people cannot be bothered?

I have had mail that’s been redirected, (people have put back in the box). If like me and you do not do internet banking – and there are still a lot of us – and it all comes by mail, all those personal details can be picked up by anyone. I have seen posties standing on the corner and you can tell they have not a clue where they are going. It’s not their fault because our particular address is split into three or four areas and can be awkward.

I am also aware that there’s been no mail at all on a Saturday sometimes, obviously because there has been no one spare.

It is no wonder that the other delivery firms are picking up most of the parcel work, even those when they deliver, have regular drivers. It is no wonder the Royal Mail shares are where they are, in dire straits.

Oh, for the days when you knew the name of your postman or post woman to say good morning too. Happy days.

D Dunbar, Sherburn Village