AS a staunch Leave supporter I am very much looking forward to the possible Euro elections in May.

This is a chance for those of us who have been let down by the overwhelmingly Remain supporting Conservative and Labour MPs to get our own back.

This is a referendum for Leave and also Remain supporters, to give their verdicts on the deceitful way the Conservatives and Labour parties have handled the whole Brexit process.

Of course, these elections do not have to take place.

As both the Conservatives and Labour parties’ manifestos said they would respect the referendum verdict and leave the EU, they can immediately announce a hard Canada-Plus deal severing the UK’s membership of the EU, thereby saving the £110m that will be spent on the Euro elections and the £39bn the EU is hoping to snatch from us in the near future.

My main fear in these Euro elections is that UKIP and the Brexit Party split the anti-EU vote.

Hopefully one of these parties will come to dominate the Leave vote to ensure that as much pressure as possible comes to bear on the disgraceful anti-democratic, anti-referendum result, antics of the Tory and Labour parties.

Mark Anderson, Middleton St George