SO now Brexit is being blamed for the smashed glass at Helen Goodman’s Labour offices in Bishop Auckland (Echo, Apr 8).

Guilty until proven innocent.

I don’t believe in violence but if this was done by a Brexit supporter I can fully understand the frustration behind the act.

Perhaps my name is in the frame as a suspect as I have written to her many times about her failure to represent her constituency. Many letters have been hard hitting and I make no apology for that.

It was interesting to hear Ms Goodman say that she would not be “put-off” by such actions and she referred to her parents, who endured the Second World War. She said she was pleased that she was standing up for democracy.

How sad and disillusioned she will be when she realises that she has failed her parents’ brave fight to protect democracy.

By following her own personal desire, she has failed the very people who elected her to protect their democracy. By doing so, she has become the kind of dictator her parents fought so hard against.

When she comes to the end of her career in politics, which won’t be long now, she will look back in horror at what she has done.

Bill Fisher, Spennymoor