I WAS saddened to hear that the windows in Helen Goldman’s office were damaged but I cannot understand why straight away she has assumed it was done by someone who does not like her stand on Brexit (Echo, Apr 9).

Can she prove this? Did they leave a calling card?

I would have thought if they wanted to leave a message then defacing the buildings would have been more likely. Maybe the damage was caused by kids fighting or by Saturday night drunken behaviour.

I really hope this does not turn out to be fake news.

Ms Goodman also complained about comments on social media, which is a menace of our modern times, but surely these people can be traced.

Social media also allows people who have reached breaking point to let off steam without resorting to violence. MPs must take a part of the blame for this when they represent a constituency which voted to leave and they have not supported or listened to their constituents. They have betrayed them, and so must accept some type of feed back.

John Armstrong, Newton Aycliffe