TWO recent letters, for and against the appointment of Cameron Bancroft at Durham County Cricket Club (HAS, Mar 27 & 29) sets a dilemma for us all in how we regard attempts by individuals to obtain redemption following criminal activity or misdemeanours in public life.

Disgraced former MP of the 1960’s John Profumo sought redemption through charitable works, and he is one of many who have changed their lives around in fields not associated with their previous occupations.

We would all expect that convicted wife beaters would not be given the job of managing a women’s refuge or fraudsters allowed to control the funds of the local hospice.

Yes, I appreciate both of these examples happen through poor vetting, however, sport in particular has twisted view of redemption.

We have seen many examples, especially in athletics, where drug cheats have gained undeserved fame and financial rewards, then after a couple of years these same offenders are permitted to compete against those who participated fairly.

I understand that Mr Bancroft served a ban dished out by another weak sporting body, his original action was to gain an unfair advantage for the team he was part of by cheating.

I hope he finds redemption, I just think he should attempt to do this in another field of work.

B.Jackson, Sacriston