MODERN slavery is one of the great evils of our time and it is happening under our noses.

The latest figures suggest up to 136,000 people in the UK could be enslaved, forced into unpaid work, such as nail bars, prostitution, car washes etc.

In response, the Co-operative Party is campaigning on modern slavery.

We’re calling for local councils to root out exploitative practices in their supply chains, by signing our ten-point charter (see Co-op Party website).

We are puzzled as to why Hambleton District councillors haven’t replied to any of our letters, emails and phone calls, asking if they would like to sign up to, or discuss, the charter.

Given that all political parties wholeheartedly condemn modern slavery; there is evidence of the pernicious practice in every UK postcode and, since there have been prosecutions in North Yorkshire, it is deeply concerning that Hambleton District Council haven’t responded at all.

We are sending a copy of this letter to the chief executive of Hambleton and hope for a reassuring reply.

We are pleased that North Yorkshire County Council immediately considered and adopted the charter, along with 100 other councils of differing political persuasions.

British councils spend over £40bn procuring services through contracts annually.

This means they have significant leverage with which to eliminate the barbaric practice of modern slavery in their supply chains. Readers can learn more about our campaign and add support on

Eileen Driver, on behalf of North Yorkshire Co-op Party