I HAD the privilege of attending a meeting to share community views with some fellow community members and councillors on Friday at the Newton Aycliffe Youth Centre.

There were clearly two vocal groups which emerged. Four were Leave means Leave and three were Remainers. There were two late comers who only listened.

Before our Sedgefield MP arrived we were advised he would not be taking part in the first discussions but would just listen as he wanted to get the feeling of the represented community.

The meeting was facilitated well by a non local councillor who asked some good questions of the attendees getting a good mixture of factual and emotional responses from both sides.

Of the Brexiteers there were none who agreed with the current deal on the table and all said they voted to Leave.

What surprised and dismayed me was, in the final wrap up and analysis our MP made it clear his constituency voted Leave and yet Mr Wilson said during the remaining ten minutes of the meeting, that due to the many emails he has recently received from many community members who now wanted to change their vote to Remain, he would be pushing for a second referendum with only two options: Mrs May’s deal for Brexit or Remain.

Mr Wilson, with all due respect, you are as misleading as the media reports who claimed that there were over 700,000 Remainers (a proven vastly over exaggerated number by media) protesting in London to Remain, which is totally irrelevant to reality as over 17 million voted to Leave.

Sadly you, like many of the other Remain elected officials, (there are some who have spoken in the televised Parliament debates who will vote according to their constituents’ feedback which interestingly the majority at our meeting still wanted Leave and not “crash out” as you implied) are abusing your position by pushing your Remain agenda.

I sincerely hope when the next elections come someone who will be unbiased will be elected to the honourable position of MP to represent Sedgefield.

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