IF things carry on as they are now, Bishop Auckland will soon be unique: the town will have a rubbish tip with its own railway station.

Last year, it was reported that Network Rail would clean up the embankments approaching the station. I am afraid the only thing I saw removed was a toilet.

Fortunately Mother Nature came to Network Rail's rescue. After a very wet spring and a hot summer the foliage grew at a very fast rate consequently covering all the rubbish for a few months, but since it has died back, this disgraceful mess is now back for all to see.

Are they now hoping for heavy snowfalls to hide it all again?

On the north side of the embankment household waste, apart from everything else, is being thrown over the railings. This could well cause rat infestations and another hot summer could well cause a serious health hazard.

I dread to think what visitors arriving by rail will think of this disgraceful sight, bearing in mind it will not be long before they will arrive for the food festival and the Kynren shows.

So what is our MP doing about it? Her office is right next to this mess. Our councillors and others in authority in this town should also be acting. I think that they are too occupied with the Market Place and having their photos in the papers.

John Rusby, Bishop Auckland