IN response to the letter headed “Scrooge parking” (HAS, Dec 26). I too was at the Arnison Centre in Durham to Christmas shop with my mam.

We arrived at 9.24am and departed at 14.01, a total of four hours and 36 minutes.

We didn’t notice any parking signs as I was driving safely, looking out for pedestrians, other vehicles and an empty parking space.

We must have spent more than £200 between us, then the week after I received a parking notice from Horizon Parking for a total of £80 or a discounted cost of £48 if paid within 14 days.

I returned to the Arnison Centre to see what signage was there and found several signs, very high up on lamp posts, not at eye level.

I paid the fee as it was too near Christmas to be worrying over further action, but I do think Horizon Parking are onto a good thing as I was only 36 minutes over the four-hour stay allowed.

I think signs would be better displayed nearer shop entrances so you would see them.

I totally agree with Michael Cothay of Stanley.

Bah Humbug Horizon Parking.

Joanne Balls, Crook