BEING a lady of mature years, I’m in my 80th, after breakfast this morning (Dec 10), I decided before sitting down to read my Echo with my cup of tea in a more comfy chair.

As we wrinklies do, I felt the winter chill.

My jacket was in the bedroom. Bit of a chew but I dragged myself off to the bedroom, noticing the bed needed making I proceeded to make it tidy. Then the clothes to be washed had to be disposed to the linen box in bathroom. Going to the bathroom, my teeth had to be cleaned, well what was left of them!

I then wanted a cup of tea which now had to be freshly made.

At last, tea in one hand and Echo in other I sat down only to feel a bit chilly.

Yes I got up for my jacket and sitting back down very comfortably, I thought with a smile “Well I ain’t lost all my marbles yet.”

Heather Rippon, Nettlesworth