A Woman’s Rebuke

Sir, – There is really no need for anyone to get concerned over the remarks of Mr Roberts MP. It is quite a common thing for men to come back from a foreign country with the idea that they know all about everything in that country, like the man who knew all about horses because he lived next door to a man who had one.

Mr Roberts MP may be a judge of cooking, but the writer of an article in the Echo on that subject some time last year plumped wholeheartedly for the cooks on this island, and he had been much further afield than Mr Roberts MP.

Personally, I have not much experience in the matter of other people’s cooking, but as long as so many of the public speakers of the day will harp on the drudgery of housework the woman who do it will not take the care that should be taken in the preparation of food.

Since the war began there have been many efforts to serve the public, efforts in which I have assisted, and after much experience in the sampling of tea I have come to the conclusion that a greta many people never have the pleasure of tasting a really good cup of tea. The prevailing idea seems to be that a “good cup of tea” is only a matter of strength, and that is quite a mistake.

As for the coffee, I have often thought in tasting it no wonder men drink. It has been calculated that the average adult requires two-and-a-half pints of water daily, which may be taken in the form of tea, coffee, and cocoa, and it is just possible that if the average adult got his quota of these domestic drinks properly prepared that the drink habit, which does so much harm, would not acquire the hold it has on so many good men and women.

As Mr Roberts is a Labour MP, he will naturally welcome any suggestion to make easier the lot of those who labour. Although he may have heard of housing reform, it is of such importance that one may be pardoned for reminding him of it again.

For years past, men have allowed others to take nice, clean, green grass fields and when the builders have finished with them every vestige of green has disappeared. Then they open their mouths and talk about women, telling them fairy tales about English and French cookery.

Yours etc. Mary Wright, 83, Grange-rd East, Middlesbrough.

A Woman’s Rebuke

Sir, – I was very pleased to read in your paper “A Woman’s Rebuke”. Give our girls something to cook, they will turn out a dinner equally as good as Mr Roberts’s foreign friends. Even they cannot make a dish out of nothing.

English girls who have been properly reared and taught in the home need not fear their sisters from abroad usurping their place in the heart of a sensible Englishman. We have had a trying time during the last four years. We have made the best we could of what food we could get, and we certainly haven’t starved.

Yours etc.,

Mary Watson, Westview, Piercebridge.

Wanted: A Mandoline

Sir, – Being a North countryman, I have little doubt but that my appeal will be well considered by your readers who, I know, have proved to be the most generous donors in the past.

Whilst taking a respite from “pushing ’em back”, there has been a great demand for a musical instrument, and popular opinion favours a mandolin. Therefore, on behalf of the signallers, I trust that this request will not be beyond the resources of the inhabitants of “our ain countree”, as no one knows better than the English Tommy the cheering effects of a little music.

Yours etc. Signaller GW Thomspon, Signal Section, 36th NF BEF.

The Other Side

Sir, – Backyard poultry keeping is becoming intolerable in some parts of Darlington. It is simply impossible to obtain any sleep where I live after 3am because of cock-crowing in back yards, and I think it is high time people had a little consideration for their neighbours, and also to know that they are liable to be prosecuted for allowing the nuisance.

It may be news to some people that it is not necessary to have a male bird running with hens to obtain eggs, and it is a well known fact that eggs keep much longer where no male bird is with the hens.

Yours etc. Fairplay, Darlington.

A Backyard Nuisance

Sir, – Fairplay is quite right in saying there is no sleep for people after 3am through cock-crowing. In the back of Orchard Road and Vine Street in the early morning, it is just one cock crowing after another. I often have to get up and close the windows to try and keep the sound out. I think the police should warn these people.

Yours etc. One of the Other Side, Darlington.

The Spirit of Revolt

Sir, – Your article on the above subject will be read and endorsed by your thousands of readers. Some of us are old enough in our political life to know that party interests don’t run always along the same lines as the people’s interest.

If the people’s interests had been studied we would have no general election for another 12 months yet. Proverbially it was the last feather that broke the camel’s back, and it would seem as if the champions of partyism in England were bent upon laying it on.

Yours etc. J Storey, Fence Houses.

St John’s School, Darlington

Sir, – Some time ago, you were good enough to insert in your paper a letter from me asking all Old Boys connected with the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force to send in their names for the purpose of compiling a Roll of Honour for the school.

I have about 400 names, but this number does not nearly represent all who have joined the forces, so in order to make the Roll of Honour as complete as possible, I shall be obliged if you will allow me to say that I shall be glad to receive the names of all who have been, or are now, in the forces, and also the names of those who, unfortunately, have laid down their lives in the service of the country.

It will be an advantage if the rank, regiment, honours received and home address can be given.

Yours etc. J Broughton, Headmaster, 4 Leafield Road, Darlington.

More beef wanted

Sir, – It would be interesting just now to know what percentage of butchers have had the flu. There are so many different opinions on this subject. Mine is that it is purely due to lack of nourishment and it is now time that we had a little more added to our meat coupons.

Yours etc. A Would-be Beef-eater, Darlington.