NICE to see Julia Breen, aka the prophet of doom, has taken time from her job carrying a sandwich board bearing the slogan “the end of the world is nigh” to write her column headlined “Forget the dancing and do the deal” (Echo, Oct 4).

Do what deal? I can’t remember voting on a deal it was either in or out.

Julia claims this country is in crisis. Are we really in a crisis? As I set off down to the shops on Saturday I can’t recall seeing anything remotely like crisis.

Italy is about heading towards financial meltdown and is about to do Greece the financial sequel. Is that crisis? I was in Italy quite recently and I can’t remember seeing crisis.

In Venezuela, people are running away so surely that could be construed a crisis? Down the shops on Saturday I can’t recall seeing hoards of people running out of Bishop.

Venezuela appears to be pretty bad but is it really as bad as Indonesia – a country I truly believe is in crisis?

Politicians from all parties made a total dog’s breakfast of delivering the true facts on Brexit. These politicians should be named, shamed and banned from holding future office. One politician we shouldn’t forget is of course David Cameron, the man without a plan who simply ran away.

When the time came to vote how many of us were at the 50/50 stage as to which way to vote? I know I was and in the end voted to stay because I believed at the time the only way to repair the EU was to remain a part of it. If I voted today I would vote to leave because I believe the EU ship is sinking.

There was a part of Julia Breen’s article I did agree with though – Mrs May probably needs to rethink dancing to Abba.

Michael McLaren, Witton le Wear