IN reply to R Tomlinson regarding Brexit (HAS, Oct 8), let us look at the bigger picture.

Look at manufacturing industry, particularly the motor industry where the leaders are fearful of a hard or a no-deal Brexit with its cross channel implications to the “just in time” supply chain and the general free movement of both parts and finished goods.

There is talk of closing UK plants, or at least no longer investing here, if not actually moving to the continent. It may not be just bluff and bluster.

What special secret deal has been agreed with Nissan at Sunderland?

This fear is echoed by most of the trade union leaders who have members in the manufacturing industries.

Again I contrast the leaders of the leave campaign, Nigel Farage, Jacob Rees Mogg, Boris Johnson or Arron Banks, none of whom is likely to be involved in new overseas trade deals. These are people uninvolved in manufacturing, whose businesses will carry on unhindered by a new border regime.

Eric Gendle, Nunthorpe