MIKE TAYLOR’S suggestion (HAS, Oct 10) that I had been rather harsh in my criticism of Theresa May has struck a nerve.

Mrs May is only one member of this family of circus performing clowns, all of whom I find to be totally out of their depth.

Other members of this family include Nigel Farage, who I voted for but who should now be shot for deserting his post.

Then there is the blond bombshell, Boris “the Bold” Johnson who blew raspberries and skipped giggling like silly Billy Bunter instead of continuing to carry the Brexit baton.

And oh, my goodness, there is the misfit Michael Andrew Gove, the environment secretary, who is as much use as a chocolate fire guard in whatever ministerial job he finds himself languishing.

But what can I say about Comrade Jeremy “enemy of the state” Corbyn? Not a lot, to be honest.

John Cumberland, Rushyford