THERESA MAY has rejected the growing demand for a second referendum on the final Brexit deal. She claims we have already voted on the deal and it is undemocratic to hold a second vote.

She herself did that when she called the last general election which negated the decision of the people at the previous election. Her hope to gain a majority was a disaster and she now depends on the support of the DUP.

During this campaign the Leavers promised us that if we left there would be an extra £350m per week for the NHS. Boris Johnson and Michael Gove toured the country in big red buses with this claim in big figures on the side.

Shortly after negotiations started this figure vanished and now we are told that Brexit will cost an £500m per week and the figure is expected to grow as more work is done on preparations to leave the EU.

As we were so grossly misled, and what the final agreement will be is still not yet clear, surely we should have another opportunity to state our opinions.

Brian Fiske, Darlington