YOUR correspondent John Cumberland is a little harsh on his criticism of Theresa May (HAS Oct 6).

I have no political favourites, Conservatives or Labour (and definitely not Vince Cable), as I tend to survive which ever party is in government.

However I do think that the PM’s speech at the recent Conservative Party conference was a strong one. On Brexit she said a good Brexit, (take note all you Remainers), will mean an end, or perhaps she should have said, a relaxing of austerity.

What I do want to hear the PM say is that the Brexit deal she is aiming for would mean a totally clean break from the EU – or else what are we paying the foolish amount of £39bn for?

Some of her prominent colleagues seem to be telling us that her Chequers deal will not achieve this.

An opinion from Nigel Farage perhaps should be requested. The EU need us as much as we need them.

I as just one holiday maker have just returned from ten days in Italy and the holiday cost me an awful lot of currency.

Depending on the Brexit deal, next year I will be more than happy to give my holiday money to the UK.

Mike Taylor, Darlington