I FEEL it is time I spoke out about my efforts and frustrations in trying to get Durham Police to take some meaningful action regarding the road in High Pittington, before someone is killed or seriously injured.

I firmly believe that this problem will continue unabated until there is greater use of fixed penalty notices.

This is unlikely to happen for the reasons I have put to the police to which there has been no comment or contradiction.

Recent data gathered by the Home Office showed that nationwide nearly 250,000 speeding tickets were cancelled by the police for the year ended March 2017 – a lot due to police errors.

Several force figures (Durham not included) indicated a considerable divergence in results.

What a huge waste of police resources and revenues and, apparently, thousands of speedsters let off the hook.

I have asked Durham Police, several times, for details of their results. Outcome – total silence.

Whatever happened to all that stuff about public relations and transparency?

E McKeown, High Pittington