FURTHER to the recent article relating to Red Plains in Hartburn, near Stockton (Echo, Sept 10), it should be noted that we are not a campaign group but a number of residents who have been badly affected by the actions of some of the young people who have resided at Red Plains since its opening in March 2015.

It is unfortunate that the managing director of Spark of Genius chose not to acknowledge the serious problems that the residents living in close proximity to the home have encountered since its opening and how it has affected their lives. It is acknowledged that there was opposition to the home due to its very close proximity to neighbouring properties. Residents expressed their concerns about the possible increase in anti-social behaviour but were told by the managing director on many occasions that they “wished to be good neighbours” and “we would not know they are there”.

Unfortunately, our concerns became reality with many residents experiencing anti-social behaviour, nuisance, intimidation, harassment, vandalism, criminal damage, disturbance and throwing objects in residents gardens with the police attending on numerous occasions.

As a result of the disturbances the family living next door with two young children felt compelled to swap homes with their parents (who had lived in their home for 23 years) in order to protect their two young children from the disturbances. Unfortunately, this shocking behaviour continued after the move.

We are delighted that the home has received an outstanding Ofsted inspection, something the new manager set out to achieve from the outset.

We must not forget the immense contribution of Cleveland Police who have played an integral part in this, supporting the residents during what has been an incredibly difficult and stressful time but their numerous visits to Red Plains as well.

Hartburn Residents Group