THE news that Darlington Library is to remain open sparked a great response online.

Here are just some of the comments about the decision taken by Darlington Borough Council:

Patricia Woods: "Brilliant news for our historic library, and a huge vote of thanks to the wonderful library staff who despite all the uncertainty hanging over them for so long, have carried on in their excellent professional way, always offering outstanding help, information and assistance.

"We must all support this wonderful service, we don't want a help yourself facility for choosing our books, we want what we already have - a dedicated well informed team of librarians who are happy to engage, communication is at the heart of literature, we must not risk losing the facilities which make Darlington the town is it is today."

Malcolm Cummins: "I first started going to the library with my father, I was six years old, I still visit regularly in my 70s."

Carolyn Cliff: "At last common sense prevails, just hope DBC carry out a sympathetic heritage refurbishment, not some hotch-potch of modern restyling by architects!"

Stephen Cartwright: "Too little too late, town already deserted."

Natalie Ann Frame: "What an absolute plot twist! Didn’t see that coming at all.

"What a waste of two years and legal costs."

Paul David Hamilton: "I don't use the library but understand it is very popular. Brave decision to overturn their original proposal. For those who have campaigned to keep it open well done. However don't moan if and when other non critical services are cut."

Paul Lamb: "Took over a year to do what the people wanted in the first place, wonder how much money was wasted in that time in council meetings and court cases."

Myra Apps: "Best news re Darlington for a long time. Common sense has prevailed."

Kathleen Foster: "Fantastic, well done to everyone who fought to save it!"

Stan Raper: "About time someone from our council has seen the light. This town belongs to us as well so well done, now go to phase two and remove all double yellow lines and charges for parking near the town centre."

Peter Craig: "It’s fantastic to hear that Darlington's historic library is likely to be saved from closure.

"It is however almost unbelievable that after all the court and legal costs which have been borne by the local taxpayers that the council is now stepping back from its decision. The council should be ashamed of their handling of this situation."