IN his letter published in Hear All Sides on August 20, Hartlepool’s Robert E Smith questions why there is not a Durham day, similar to that of his beloved birthplace of Yorkshire which has August 1 as its official county day.

Well Robert, March 20 is officially County Durham day and has been since 2014. The problem that this day is not widely recognised is entirely down to Durham County Council (DCC).

Although they were instrumental in selecting this day which marks the death of

St Cuthbert in 687, who is buried in Durham Cathedral and is the patron saint of northern England, DCC have shown little interest in promoting our county’s official day.

This may be due to the fact that they administer only half of the land area of historic County Durham (which legally still exists) and only a third of the population. Sunderland, Hartlepool and Darlington etc. still lie within the historic boundaries of County Durham despite the 1974 boundary changes.

Even the quarterly free DCC magazine is called Durham County News and has never recognised our county day or even the official and legally registered County Durham Flag which incorporates St Cuthbert’s cross.

Our beloved County Durham has great history and tradition,

it is just that the ruling council do not promote it, as perfectly displayed with the shameful closure of the DLI Museum.

J Moffatt, Chilton