I RECENTLY attended a public consultation over proposed housing developments within Spennymoor.

Locals attending the consultation made clear that the focus of housing developments must be on providing smaller bedroomed housing.

This is because the focus of housing developments within Spennymoor has been on building larger housing with five or more bedrooms.

Large housing is ideal for large families and a great way to generate Council Tax revenue. But such housing is unaffordable to many, unsuitable for those with small families or wishing to downsize. Equally a real need exists for single or double bedroomed flats and bungalows for pensioners, the disabled, etc.

Building smaller bedroomed housing would provide for existing needs, while freeing up existing social and more affordable private housing.

However, increasing the town’s population also increases the need for new GPs, care homes and new schools – needs which must be addressed.

By seeking to build smaller homes, Barrett Homes has shown itself to be more in tune with the wishes of the Spennymoor public, than with some individuals on Durham County Council’s planning committee (Echo, Jul 6).

CT Riley, Spennymoor