IT is to be hoped at the forthcoming judicial review, being held next week in Leeds, moves in favour of the library staying where it is in Crown Street.

In recent weeks so many changes are happening in our town centre with news of our large national stores closing as well as others.

We have read about visions of our town taking on a different outlook. A lot of thought and planning will need to be put into these changes to make our town inviting once more.

A recent article suggests that our historic buildings need to be promoted and that is where the library fits into this category exactly.

Our Local History needs to preserved carefully at Crown Street, altogether in the right conditions and easily accessible.

The library is a place where culture and our heritage belong, the library is for everyone.

Let us put behind us what has happened, cut our losses and make this a new beginning.

Thank you to ‘Friends of the Library’ who have put a lot of time and dedication into taking this issue so far.

Jennifer Moutrey, Darlington