REGARDING the story “Deserting our communities” (Echo, June 8) with respect to large shops like Marks and Spencer and House of Fraser pulling out of towns like Darlington and Durham City.

I am actually quite surprised that they did not pull out ages ago when towns and cities started milking the car owners for car parking fees enforced by parking wardens who would get a fine out of you for the most trivial offence. Rents and rates here in Durham City are through the roof compared to say Chester-le-Street and internet shopping is almost still in its infancy.

I feel sorry for anyone without a car and especially internet these days. It was not long ago that it was being mooted that Amazon were thinking of using drones to deliver packages.

What with driverless cars and delivery drones I often wonder if we could see a massive rise in the re-opening of corner shops.

Malcolm Rolling, Carrville