JUNE 13 is the 138th anniversary of the death of Edward Pease, the benefactor behind Darlington library, so how appropriate it is that the gloves are about to come off for the Friends of the Library.

As advertised in the 10,000 leaflets being distributed about the town, on June 18 and 19 we return with Darlington Borough Council to the High Court, Leeds, to determine the fate of the Crown Street library.

What can you do? Now is the time to get behind us and show us your support. Those townspeople who are passionate about keeping the library in its rightful home in Crown Street, library members and staff, past and present, authors, artists, poets, we would appreciate some solidarity.

Out-going council chief executive Ada Burns commented last week that the Dolphin Centre will be a great place for learning and skills. It already is – for learning the skills of sport, but she forgot culture, heritage and art.

Christine Fishwick, Darlington