IN reply to David Lindsay (HAS, Feb 6), I would ask him and any of Mr Corbyn’s supporters if they know or care that Mr Corbyn is a Marxist.

Does he or they care that if he became Prime Minister, his aim would be, because of his life long held belief, to establish a one party state.

He is one of the founders of Momentum, the hard left faction in the Labour Party, which wants to deselect moderate Labour MPs.

Again I would ask does he or they know or care or that he is a supporter of the IRA and other terrorist organisations.

We have at the moment, in my opinion, two of the worst leaders of the main parties I have known.

Should there be a General Election in the near future, which is a possibility because of the existing minority government and the uncertainty of the Brexit negotiations, and if Mr Corbyn became Prime Minister then the true Mr Corbyn would be revealed with the existing veneer removed.

T Ball, Barnard Castle