I HAD to smile a little at Peter Barron’s Grandad at Large column (Echo, Feb 1).

Peter found himself in difficulty over getting the lid off a jar of peppers. I found myself in a similar position recently over three jars of marmalade.

I have had difficulty in getting lids off in the past but these three I could not budge at all.

Being doubled up with laughter didn’t help.

My wife also surprised me as she wasn’t able to budge them either. I tried for a number of days with no success. Then one day after finishing a spell of washing up (no dishwasher) my hands felt strong and this time I got all three lids off.

I know I am no Superman but is this a nationwide problem and I wonder how people frailer than me manage.

There is a footnote however – I was in the doghouse a little (just a little) for taking all three lids off at the same time.

Mike Taylor, Darlington