REGARDING Darlington council’s management restructure (Echo, Jan 24), the people of the town have been totally failed by the council which has wasted millions in the good times.

We were told that it had no choice other than to offer ridiculously huge salaries in order to get the very best person to fill the post of chief executive. Yet Ada Burns came from another authority and has worked in the public sector for years, and her successor, Paul Wildsmith is the same, previously being employed at Stockton Borough Council.

Council leader Bill Dixon stated that by not advertising the post the council will save £20,000 – so why didn’t he think about that last time?

Does not advertising it mean that on this occasion we are not getting the best individual to lead our council? How do we even know that Mr Wildsmith is indeed the best candidate for the job?

It seems to me that there was never a need to offer such fantastic wage packages. It is ironic that the local taxpayer will foot the £200,000 bill to get rid of Ms Burns while services have been stripped to the bone! It’s simply a disgrace.

Roger Fitzpatrick, Darlington