CHRIS Moncrieff along with other deluded Brextremists are angry that Parliament is ensuring it has the final say on the final deal (Echo, Dec 19).

For Tory MPs to rebel in such a humiliating way for the Government demonstrates the level of mistrust most people now have in May, Johnson, Davis, Gove and co. And rightly so!

These right-wing fanatics now want to scrap the European directive on guaranteed paid holidays, working hours and other workers’ rights.

At the time of the referendum they fooled millions of working class people to blame Europe for problems created by their own government.

“Let’s take back control” they trumpeted, but this latest Brexit debacle shows that they don’t want Parliament to take back control, they want a small politburo of millionaires to be in charge.

Getting rid of pesky EU rules means bigger bonuses for their cronies.

Meanwhile everyone else suffers the mounting consequences including higher food prices, dearer foreign holidays, NHS staff shortages and some companies planning to move their headquarters to mainland Europe.

And that’s just for starters.

Steve Warren, Durham