I WAS delighted to read that Teesside Airport (Durham Tees Valley Airport) is increasing the number of flights (Echo, Dec 19).

I hope it continues to do so as it’s a wonderful facility but I wonder how long it will be before residents who have purchased houses in close proximity to the airfield, probably with the belief its demise was imminent, start complaining about the increase in traffic and noise.

The airfield began life in 1941, later evolving into a much loved facility which in recent years has been the cause of much controversy. I say this because it reminds me of when Croft racing circuit nearly had to close due to financial claims being made by residents regarding noise etc. and them having to reduce the use of the track.

I wonder if those who live next to busy, noisy exhaust-polluting roads will be next to start making claims?

John Cumberland, Rushyford