WE have just witnessed the wonderful 50th anniversary celebrations reminding us when Dr Martin Luther King was made an Honorary Doctor of Civil Law by Newcastle university in 1967.

This showed how we embraced his beliefs and welcomed him, unlike his home country. Unfortunately I think we have gone into reverse gear. Dr King fought for the freedom and equal rights for black and white to live in harmony. He gave his life for what he believed and he was gunned down by a coward in his hotel room.

Today our fight is to save the world from being torn to pieces by groups who think human life is of no importance.

No matter what others may think or say, we only have one life and to think your body is just a vessel is wrong.

Please live life to the full. Yes, disagree; yes, argue; yes, spit your dummy out, but don’t kill and maim – those are the actions of a coward.

Peace is the only way forward.

Take a leaf out of Dr King’s book.

John Cumberland, Rushyford