CREATING human-animal hybrids is bad for people and worse for animals.

To create animals containing human material, animal mothers undergo invasive procedures to harvest their eggs and implant embryos.

These animals have exactly the same capacity to feel pain and to suffer as any other animal, including humans.

To understand more about human development and human diseases, the world’s most forward-thinking scientists are developing and using methods that supersede the crude use of animals and are actually relevant to human health.

These modern methods include sophisticated tests using human cells and tissues and innovative biotechnology such as organs-ona-chip which replicate human physiology, diseases and drug responses more accurately than experiments on animals do.

With more investment and use of humane, cutting-edge technology, we’ll have much better science than the monstrous “frankenscience” of creating human-animal hybrids.

Dr Julia Baines, Science policy adviser, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals