WHILE looking at the pros and cons of being in the EU, I came across some interesting reading.

In the 1975 EU referendum Jeremy Corbyn and Neil Kinnock both voted to come out. Now they both want us to stay in.

I think I can see their reason for a change of heart.

Neil Kinnock, after losing the Labour Party leadership, strangely took up the post as an EU Commissioner. His wife was then made an MEP, his son and daughter both got positions as researchers within the EU.

By 2009, the Kinnock family had amassed from the EU in the way of salaries, pensions and allowances a total of more than £10m – not bad for a failed politician.

How many doctors or nurses salaries would that wasted £10m have paid for? No wonder Jeremy Corbyn and a rag tag band of MPs and MEPs want us to remain in the EU. It’s a very big gravy train for them and they don’t want it to stop.

I want us to use the £8bn we waste on the EU each year to be spent improving the living standards of all our people, instead of lining grubby politician’s pockets.

The more I look into this corrupt organisation the more I want out.

Peter Gibson, Stockton