PLEASE save our library.

Not all information is found on line. It is against the law to make books still in copyright fully accessible through Google.

Television did not replace radio, video and DVD did not replace film, e-mail did not replace the telephone and e-books will never replace the free paper books found in libraries.

Our library should offer group study, art exhibitions, food/coffee, childrens' workshops, DVDs and homework clubs.It should be a community centre bridging any age gap providing culture for all.

The librarians give us quality control and moderation when carefully offering vetted information unlike the unreliable and unregulated net. Their primary motivation is job satisfaction derived from making a significant difference to the lives of others.

Many publications only exist off line and some of those online are expensive or just disappear.

Libraries are places of safety, places where a "community of readers" can be built. Library cards teach children responsibility.

Libraries broaden reading tastes - more reading equals increased literacy and more opportunities for all ages to do their own research.

Books can be relied upon,they're tough - and they feel and smell good.

England is the only country where the older generation has a higher proficiency in literacy (and numeracy) than the younger generation.

Libraries have existed for 5,000 years serving all of the people with comparatively few resources.

Closing libraries is to steal from our children's future to pay for our today.

In Stokesley we need our library.

Suzanne Dalton, Stokesley.