VANESSA REDGRAVE’S recent dramatic monologue on the state of the country’s care homes does little to help anyone – least of all those receiving care.

To make the claim that the lives of people in care homes is abominable shows a clear lack of knowledge.

While not wishing to claim that all care homes are perfect, the vast majority work extremely hard to care for people with compassion, dignity and a desire to offer the best possible quality of life.

For many families, the decision to find a care home for a loved one is an extremely difficult one but is, nevertheless, a decision that often has to be taken because that relative needs the expert, professional care on offer.

History is littered with families who have tried to provide care for a parent and been torn apart by the effort.

As a care home owner, I wouldn’t publicly suggest any shortcomings of the theatrical profession.

Instead of making sweeping, damaging generalisations, Vanessa should be turning her fire on successive governments and local authorities that have failed to properly fund social care in this country.

She should be singing the praises of carers who do a fantastic job, often in very challenging circumstances, for very little reward and even less recognition and perhaps she should visit some to see the great job they do.

Mike Padgham, Chairman, Independent Care Group (York and North Yorkshire)