Doctor Who (BBC3, 7pm); Michelin Stars – The Madness of Perfection (BBC2, 9pm); Too Poor for Posh School?

(C4, 9pm)

THE new Doctor Who is to materialise in Sunderland.

He won’t be arriving in his time machine, the Tardis, but by bus. Not just any old double-decker, but a specially- themed Doctor Who tour bus.

The 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, and his companion, Karen Gillan, are embarking on a national tour to meet fans and preview the first episode of the new series ahead of its BBC1 debut at Easter.

So, while fans can relive episodes with outgoing David Tennant as the Doctor on BBC3 tonight, North-East fans can plan their trip to Sunderland on March 31.

Belfast, Gillan’s home town of Inverness, Salford and Northampton, where Smith was born, are the other ports of call on the whistlestop tour presenting five regional premieres of the new series.

As the itinerary entails visiting Inverness in the morning and Sunderland later the same day, the time travellers might do better in the Tardis, considering the distances to be covered.

Each location will host a regional premiere of episode one, The Eleventh Hour, for local children. The trip is part of the BBC Outreach programme that “proactively takes the BBC into specific communities and sections of society”. The focus of the tour is to reach relatively underserved communities by the BBC.

Following the tour, the BBC will also hold events for three days at selected BBC Big Screens across the UK, giving Doctor Who fans in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Plymouth and Swansea the chance to interact directly with the show in their home towns.

Meanwhile, tonight’s Doctor Who comes from series four with the Doctor and Donna (Catherine Tate) entering an abandoned library.

IN 1900, Andre Michelin published the first edition of the Michelin Guide to help drivers maintain their cars, and find decent lodgings and fine food while driving around France.

In the following 110 years, the Michelin guide has evolved to become the bible of fine dining around the world, with any restaurant worth its salt busting a gut to get their name into the red book But, as Michelin Stars – The Madness of Perfection demonstrates, inclusion in the Michelin Guide is no easy feat, as the pressure of striving to attain culinary perfection can be overwhelming.

In this intriguing documentary, William Sitwell investigates the passions and pressures attached to being a Michelin- starred chef. He examines the star rating system’s relevance and asks whether the influence of the Michelin Guide could be harmful.

During his investigations, he spends a day in the Berkeley Hotel kitchen, in London, with Marcus Wareing, who is hoping to win his third star, while Raymond Blanc and Marco Pierre White, who have five Michelin stars between them, give their views on the Michelin phenomenon.

HARROW is one of Britain’s few remaining all-boys boarding schools, with an impressive history and an enviable reputation for producing statesmen and world leaders. It’s also expensive – sending your son there for a year will set you back £28,000.

However, for anyone who can’t afford the fees, there is another way to get into the school.

Multi-millionaire businessman and former Harrovian Peter Beckwith has established a means-tested scholarship aimed at helping gifted boys.

As well as paying full fees for the length of the pupil’s Harrow career, it also includes two additional years in a prep school, bringing its value close to £2m.

But only two boys can qualify each year and the selection process takes place over a single day.

In Too Poor for Posh School? cameras follow not only the three youngsters who are hoping to make the grade as they undergo a relentless day of tests and interviews, but also the parents, who are anxiously waiting the results.