FORMULA One is reviewing the use of so-called grid girls – models who hold up grid numbers and stand on the podium – following criticism the tradition is out of date. The only surprise is that it has taken the sport this long to have a rethink.

In a world where sportswomen are fighting tooth and nail to be given the same level of respect as their male counterparts, it is increasingly jarring to see females being used as mere decoration while men get on with the serious business of the sport itself.

Ross Brawn, F1 managing director of motorsports, says it is a delicate topic, but why is the sport not taking a stance on equality, instead of actively relegating women to side-line roles?

Some events have split the ‘grid girl’ role between men and women, while others have ditched it altogether.

The Tour de Yorkshire cycle race organisers take a different view and have asked businesswomen from the county to present prizes on the podium at the end of stages.

Even more important though is the fact that the Tour de Yorkshire is as much for female athletes as it is for male competitors. In 2016 its women’s race was the most lucrative event in women’s cycling with a prize pot of £50,000 – significantly larger than its equivalent men’s race, and the 2018 women’s event will double in size to two days.

Scrapping ‘grid girls’ is a step in the right direction, but sporting events actually putting their money behind women competitors in this way will go much further towards addressing long-term inequalities.