WE’RE in the final straight! Only two more days of campaigning to go, and then it is election day.

For many people, it cannot come soon enough.

It hasn’t been the most inspiring of campaigns, with the two main parties slugging it out over spurious tax figures as more unseemly behaviour over “gamblegate” sours the nation’s mood. Nigel Farage’s entry did spice things up but his comments about Ukraine and the steady drip of revelations about some of his candidate’s views have taken the gloss off Reform UK.

So hats off to Ed Davey, the Liberal Democrat leader, who yesterday flung himself off a bungee platform shouting: “Do something you’ve never done before, vote Liberal Democrat.” He urged voters to take a “leap of faith” and back his party, before changing into a salmon pink t-shirt and taking part in a zumba dance.

As the third party, the LibDems often get squeezed between the two main parties, but Sir Ed’s antics – falling off a paddleboard, going down a waterslide – have found a way of keeping the LibDems’ name in front of the electorate.

Of course, some stunts have been dismissed as silly gimmicks, but when he toppled off his paddleboard in the Lake District, there was a serious message about water quality that he was trying to get across, and there is a real public anger about private companies pumping raw sewage into our waterways that neither of the main parties have addressed.

Do the stunts make Sir Ed look like a buffoon or do they show that he doesn’t take himself too seriously? Either way, you have to admit that his bungee leap did take personal bravery.

And if the LibDems do win 70 seats and end up overtaking the Tories to become the official opposition, it will most definitely have been worth it.