WHILE I often agree with Peter Gibson, and accept that Darlington Borough Council has a significant role to play, much of the state of North Road is simply down to dirty people, “‘A very sad reflection on our town’” (Echo, May 9).

Why does the council have the sole responsibility. Cannot the property occupants clean the front and backs of their property, the answer is sadly often these days, no!

They expect others to nanny them. Not many years ago, steps and frontages (and yards) would be swept and swilled down.

People now seem prepared to live in or surrounded by filth.

Take rubbish to the tip, put it in your bin, take it home, clean up your environment is the answer, but too many want others to wipe their backsides.

Dropping litter in the street as they go!

All councils have limited resources, they cannot do everything.

Politicians won’t say unpleasant truths about their voters in case they offend, but the truth is Darlington looks dirty and that is predominantly down to the people.

If you want a tidy nice town do something for yourselves, pick up rubbish, keep the outside of your home clean, paint the house.

And don’t give us the ‘I cannot afford to do it, it’s the cost of living’ line, in years gone by when people had pride, but no money they managed.

A bucket of water a brush, a bin and some elbow grease and gumption! Off your backside Darlington!

I’m not sorry if anyone is offended as I do as I say.

Michael McGarry, Heighington