As valued subscribers we recently gave you the opportunity to ask the editor questions - whether  about a local issue, our news coverage, how we make decisions or what makes the newsroom tick.

And below is a list of the questions we've received which I've tried my best to answer as honestly as I can.

Some of you might have more questions and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have and I'll reply.

Readers' Questions:


Reader: How can comments on stories be better moderated?  There are commentators who say the same thing on every article, and it's putting me off renewing my subscription. 

Editor: Like all media and newspaper outlets, our commenting system is externally moderated - giving the user the opportunity to report comments. Any comments that are deemed unacceptable or inappropriate are flagged and then can be removed and in extreme cases the users can be suspended and banned from the platform altogether. And please get in touch direct if you feel there are specific issues or comments you would like us to take a closer look at. 

Reader: I can't understand why in this day and age why you cannot put local football results in the next day's paper after all the results are available on the Internet almost immediately after the game if that is not possible print the results the following day. When I was younger, the Saturday pink had a full set of results both national and local on the streets by 6pm the same day. 

Editor: We try our best to get results and reports in the paper as soon as possible. Obviously, our major local teams and games are covered by our own writers and correspondents and reports will be in the paper or the e-edition the next day. Some local results are supplied to us by representatives from the league and we rely on those results being supplied to us. We tend to do roundups of the local league results collectively .

Reader: Is there a particular reporter I should get in touch with if I have a story about Barnard Castle

Editor: The best place to start to get in touch about a story is with our news desk who assign stories to reporters. You can call us on 01325 505005 or email at or you can email me at

Reader: Hello Gavin, do you have any plans to feature any new articles by Mike Amos in future, please? 

Editor: Mike is a Northern Echo legend and is still writing his own books which we have featured stories on over the last few years, and we will continue to feature the work he does. But you will be thrilled to hear that Mike has a feature in this Saturday's Memories pull-out (April 13 edition)

Reader: I have watched with dismay the collapse of local media holding politicians to account - specifically the Tees Mayor.  I feel it's been asleep at the wheel regarding serious issues at TVCA including Teesworks, the Airport, the Darlington link road and transparency/governance with what is ultimately our money.  

Editor: Sorry to hear you feel that way, but I assure you we have not been asleep and local media has not collapsed. I can point to numerous articles and front pages which we have produced over the last two years of this very nature, and we will continue to ask questions, challenge, and call for answers where appropriate. 
Reader: With local and national elections coming up, what assurances can you give us that the Echo will be up to the task of holding people properly accountable? 

Editor: The Echo has a long and proud history of holding those in power to account and this has not changed recently on a huge number of issues from politics, to mental health service provision and maternity care in the NHS, council services, tackling knife crime and most recently with calling on to Government to step in and support the under-threat Hitachi plant and reviving our Back on track campaign. I can assure all readers we will continue to do this, especially leading up to local and national elections in the great traditions of the Great Daily of the North. 

Reader: Why does the digital version of the Echo crash so often? It is so irritating. 

Editor: Although we have technical issues on rare occasions, we are not aware of any current persistent issues. But please, if you have any specific issues, get in touch and we will try to resolve these as soon as possible. 

Reader: I have read your weekly walking page for over forty years and have walked most of them, now due to my age I can no longer walk very far but still enjoy reading the page, the only thing is that over the last few years all the walks you publish are in North Yorkshire and although I love that area of the north east, why are there now no walks in County Durham?  Teesdale and Weardale have many wonderful walking areas, but we do not see any at all in the Northern Echo. I have to say that is my only complaint as I look forward to reading the digital copy of my favourite newspaper every morning, Thank you all for your wonderful newspaper. 

Editor: Thank you for your continued loyalty, question and kind words. I’m sorry to hear you're not getting around like you used to, but I bet there are some miles still left in those legs yet. I will take your suggestions back to the team and we will endeavour to include more walks from the areas you would like to see. 

Reader: Recently I received an email from the Northern Echo inviting me to enter a competition for a £100 prize. However, when I attempted to enter there was "I am not a robot" with motorbike/traffic light squares. I have sight problems and could not get past this. There must be many older readers who come up against this problem who feel excluded from participating. Your comment would be appreciated. 

Editor: Really sorry to hear you’ve been having these difficulties. These ‘robot’ questions crop up from time to time on all online systems to protect from viruses, hacking and other such scams. I appreciate it can be frustrating. However, please email me if you experience problems like this in the future, and we will ensure we sort your entry. 

Reader: The horse racing page needs livening up. Is it possible to print the runners and riders in larger print? Otherwise keep up the good work. 

Editor: Our race cards are supplied to us in ready-to-use format. But I will see if there is any way we can amend the format and possibly liven up the pages. But thanks again for your support, continued loyalty and comments.