WHY are the Tories polling just 19 per cent? Why, in areas like ours, are Reform UK said to be pushing them into third place?

It is because ordinary people feel the country is no longer working for them.

Firstly, how does Rishi Sunak think it makes him look rushing out a very unusual knighthood on Good Friday for a billionaire who gave £5m to the Tory party? It looks corrupt. It looks like the very wealthy can buy access and honours while the ordinary person struggles with the cost-of-living crisis.

Secondly, however is it possible that ordinary people in the Thames Water area face bill rises of 40 per cent to stop waterways from being polluted when shareholders and executives have been syphoning money out of the company for years and ladening it up with debt?

And thirdly, the Post Office scandal keeps getting murkier. Now we learn a report by Deloitte in 2017 told bosses that the Horizon computer system could be at fault and yet they pushed on with the prosecution of ordinary shopkeepers for two more years, claiming in court that the system was inviolable. They spent £100m crushing the sub-postmasters even when they knew their case was fundamentally flawed – and why ever didn’t Deloitte do the decent thing and let their report into the open?

It seems there is a super-wealthy cabal of businesses, billionaires, executives and donors who are doing very well while innocent sub-postmasters are jailed and the ordinary person dare not even look at a river for fear of seeing something very nasty floating by.