SO car parking charges will be introduced along the County Durham coast in the spring “Car parking charges for coastal sites” (Echo, Feb 23).

What a kick in the teeth for the people of Seaham.

Seaham had three coal mines up to the 1990s.

Seaham kept the country going through two world wars.

All the factories, trains, the Royal Navy and merchant navy all ran on coal.

I have many a time seen organised litter pickers collecting flotsam and jetsam, bagging it and putting it next to the litter bins on the prom.

There are tyres, crab pots, fishing nets and supermarket shopping trollies among other things. There was even a fridge there one day!

The people who collect the rubbish do so out of the goodness of their hearts – not for pay!

Who is going to volunteer to tidy the beach now and pay £3 for the privilege of doing so?

The people of Seaham cannot afford to pay £3 to park every three to four days.

People will just park in the Asda car park.

When Asda’s customers go for their shopping they won’t get a space, so Asda will lose custom.

I think that the charges are a disgrace.

How many of those car parks have a public loo? One.

R Tomlinson, Seaham.