RECENTLY my wife twisted her back and was in excruciating pain, so bad she could not sleep in our bed.

For about ten days she slept in an armchair, fitfully, I would say.

Our surgery doctor examined her and recommended an x-ray at Darlington Memorial Hospital.

On Thursday we got there in good time but we could not find a vacant space, disability bays or regular spaces.

After going round and round a couple of times we gave up and found a space some distance away along Milbank Road.

After trudging back to the x-ray department we waited our turn in the queue.

Amazingly, after only 20 minutes the job was done and my wife couldn’t praise the staff highly enough.

Going back to the car in Milbank Road we were astounded by the state of the verges.

The verges were choked with debris.

We couldn’t help but notice the amount of twigs and beechnut seeds mixed in with sludge.

The beechnut debris must have there since the autumn when they fall to the ground.

Weeks and months easily.

This looks to be an affluent area and I would be surprised if the residents haven’t kicked up a stink about it.

I read recently that Darlington Borough Council had proposed a five per cent increase in Council Tax bills.

Well that should sort things out no problem.

In the meantime I would suggest wearing your wellingtons if walking along Milbank Road.

Doug Porthouse, Ferryhill.