NOT many things shock me in my old age, but as I read the story headlined “Labour candidate for Tees Valley Mayor Launches Campaign” (Echo, Feb 16), I almost choked on my granola.

Chris McEwan, a Darlington Labour councillor who voted to scrap free parking in Darlington town centre, is now asking people to vote for him as Tees Valley Mayor because he promises to bring back free parking.

Why do Labour take the voters for fools?

This is on top of the fact that he was the cabinet member responsible for trying to flog off our airport and put houses on the site.

Now, he wants us to trust him to look after the airport.

As the old Darlington saying goes: “The man has more faces than the town clock.”

Has he always been a hypocrite, or are these skills he has developed since he became Labour’s paper candidate?

Michael Walker, Darlington